What To Pay Attention To When Buying Ceramic Vases

- May 31, 2019-

What to pay attention to when buying ceramic vases

1. When purchasing Jingdezhen ceramic vase decoration, do not choose the color decoration on the glaze, especially the inner wall of the ceramic has painted, do not choose, you can choose some glaze or glaze ceramic vase.

2. After purchasing the ceramic vase, it is recommended to soak it in the vinegar we usually drink and soak for several hours. This can remove the harmful substances on the ceramic and reduce the potential harm of the ceramic to the human body.

3. Check the appearance of the ceramic, whether there are spots, damage, air bubbles, spots on the surface, thorny, or even cracks. Such ceramic vases have quality problems.

4. When selecting a gold-silver-colored decoration on the surface, you can rub it on the decoration with your hand to check if it will fade. Not faded is genuine.

5. Gently tap on the ceramic vase, the sound is crisp and authentic.

6. When selecting ceramic vase ornaments, pay attention to whether the glaze of the ceramic surface and the gloss of the screen are coordinated. Uniform.

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