What Is The Value Of Artificial Flowers?

- Dec 04, 2018-

What is the value of artificial flowers?

Pragmatic value

Because the flowers open more than ten days and a half months, less than two days and three days, blinking fragrance withered, can only become a momentary memory, and maintenance of clean trouble. The appearance and application of artificial flowers meet people's requirement of time for ornamental flowers and prolong the life of flower works.

What is the value of artificial flowers?

artistic value

Modern people yearn for nature, pursuing the art of life, pursuing comfort and comfort. Artificial flowers have been greatly refined in material, pure manual computer spectrogram, printing and moulding. Artificial flower name is the same name as imitation flower body. Stems, leaves and flowers made of polymer resin are used after special bright surface treatment and fog surface treatment. In the use of flowers, paper flower, hand roll flower, silk flower, forged belt flower and wheat wrapped flower are the main flowers. Artificial flowers play an important role in the field of flower design and are widely used in commercial fields.

What Is The Value Of Artificial Flowers?

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