What Is A Plant Wall ?

- Jul 21, 2018-

In short, plants are planted and placed on vertical surfaces, such as walls, to decorate the vertical wall in a natural and environmental friendly manner. Plant walls include a variety of environmental functions such as noise reduction, heat insulation, temperature control, air quality regulation, and so on, which play an active role in effective regulation of urban heat island effect.

The plant wall is a wall made of green plants. It has the function of separating the inside and outside space, and has verdant colors, giving people comfort and beauty. According to the requirements of different environment, the design of different modeling, high and low, the environment harmonious wall modeling, through carefully cultivated pruning, decoration with wall top lamps, wall trim out of beautiful patterns, so that the wall more beautiful. Plant walls often use fast growing plants with evergreen leaves, such as Ligustrum lucidum, evergreen and evergreen trees.

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