What Do You Want To Pay Attention To To Buy Ceramic Vases?

- Jan 05, 2018-

1, choose ceramic tableware do not choose glaze color decoration, especially the inner wall of ceramic tableware do not paint. Can choose glaze or glaze decoration, such as blue and white is a kind of people love to color glaze ceramic decoration.

2, buy the ceramic tableware, first boil it with 4 vinegar and water, so that most of the toxic substances can be removed, and the potential harm of ceramic tableware to human body is greatly reduced.

3, do not use ceramic tableware for long-term storage of acid food and juice, wine, coffee and other drinks. Because the longer the time of the ceramic tableware in the acid food or beverage, the higher the temperature, the more easily dissolved lead, which is equal to the toxic and side effects of the amount of lead dissolved.

4, whether the shape of Zhou Zheng, whether there are breakages, spots, bubbles, smooth. The spiny, multi speckled and even cracked ceramic surfaces are easily spillover in the glaze, which is not suitable to be made of tableware.

5. When choosing a porcelain with gold and silver decoration, wipe a brush with hand, not to fade away color is the upper product.

6, tapping a few, sound crisp quality, sound dull or hoarse is inferior quality products.

7, most of the high lead adhesive porcelain, porcelain tableware after it is not mended.

8, the enamel surface of porcelain is made of 800 degrees above the temperature, which is less than 800 degrees, and the low temperature glaze will have harmful substances to the human body. It is best to reach 1350 degrees of porcelain.

9. Buy complete sets of ceramic products, to look at each of the glaze color, picture, gloss, style is consistent with the symmetry, coordination.

10, thin tire ceramic products in the sun or light under the light, the transparent sense, thin and light, and uniform thickness.

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