Simulation Flower Decoration Is Strong - Affordable And Good-looking.

- Sep 14, 2018-

1. Strong plasticity, green environmental protection, artificial flowers are mainly raw materials: plastic products, silk products, polyester products, but also with resin clay blended materials, in addition to the use of metal rods, glass tubes, blow-molding paper, fiber, decorative paper, ribbons, these materials are pollution-free or very small pollution. Due to the elasticity of the material can be matched with a special height, shape of the model, and keep evergreen, breaking through the limitations of genuine. The image is vivid and vivid, and it can match the flowers and plants planted.

2. Affected by the environment is small, most of the public places and offices now use air conditioning, indoor light is often insufficient, so it is not easy to plant a good plant indoors, but artificial flowers can easily achieve this goal artificial flowers and plants color, can keep bright all the seasons for a long time, not like planted flowers. The grass will decay and wither.

Simulation flower decoration is strong - affordable and good-looking.

3. Easy maintenance, artificial flowers and leaves do not mold, rot, do not need watering, do not breed mosquitoes and flies; artificial flowers and plants do not need artificial cultivation, can save watering, pruning, pest smelting and other troubles; artificial flowers do not need photosynthesis, but also do not have the side effects of children eating injuries, which is very suitable for families with children and elderly couples Families who go to work;

4. The price of most artificial flowers and plants is not high, and some are much lower than real flowers and plants, convenient transportation, easy to carry: in need of change in design, re-combination and collocation, can change the different atmosphere. It is suitable for the public to beautify the environment.

5. the technique of making artificial flowers is exquisite, exquisite and lifelike. For example, the thickness, color and texture of rose petals are almost the same as true flowers. The blooming Gerbera also sprinkled drops of dew. Some of the flowers of the sword flower actually crawled one or two insects. Some woody begonias, using natural stumps as branches and silk as flowers, are vivid and touching.

6. Artificial flowers can be used to beautify the home, but also in large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stations and other public places decoration,

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