How To Clean Vases?

- Aug 17, 2018-

The vase has been used for a long time, there will be many stains on the wall of the vase, dirty things so that the vase is not crystal clear, seriously affecting the ornamental. These stains are difficult to remove by water alone.

When cleaning the vase, first wet the wall with water, then take appropriate amount of salt on the finger, press on the vase wall with salt wipe. As the scrubbing melts, rinse with clean water and you'll find that the vase wall is shining again.

Sometimes there will be a lot of dirty things at the bottom of the vase, because the depth of the bottle is very small, it is difficult to reach into the hand to clean, even with the help of tools, it is difficult to remove these stubborn stains, this time can use the "84 disinfectant solution". First add a small amount of water in the bottle, and then add an appropriate amount of "84 disinfectant", the amount can depend on the stain situation. After an hour, wrap the cloth around the stick, dip into the bottle, and gently clean the bottom of the bottle. You'll find the stubborn stains that are easy to clean.

How to clean vases?How to clean vases?