Flower Pot Classificationⅰ

- Nov 23, 2017-

Flower pot classificationⅰ

Flowers planted in various forms of flowers, different sizes. Flower producers or flower gardeners can choose flower pots based on the characteristics and needs of the flower and the characteristics of the flower pot. Here are some commonly used flower pots.

FRP flower pots: also known as FRP flower pots, made of clay sculpture or mold. Diverse styles, durable, non-deformation, corrosion-resistant. Complete specifications. The surface can do a variety of color effects.

Sandstone pots: This pot is made of fine sandstone carvings, colorful, is the best material inside the pot, the surface can do the effect.

GRC Cement Pots: This pot is cumbersome. Add flower pot anticorrosion, imitation, imitation corrosive materials plus fiber cloth, durable, surface effects can be made of spray paint stone effect.

Magnesite pot: Magnesia mixed with brine, adding modifier, the mixed slurry wiped on a glass mesh cloth, making the needed pots. This pot is cheap and has a variety of styles. strong and sturdy. Interior Decoration boutique.

Potted basin: also known as mud basin, burning pot. This pot is made of clay, with red and gray, good drainage and breathability, low price, complete specifications, the most suitable for home use.