Flower Pot Classificationⅱ

- Nov 23, 2017-

Flower pot classificationⅱ

Zisha: also known as pots and pans. Production of sophisticated, simple and generous, mostly purple, complete specifications, but its permeability, breathable performance is less than tile pots. It is used for planting hi humid flowers, can also be used as a set of pots.

Porcelain: porcelain mud, painted glaze. Sophisticated technology, clean and elegant, handsome in appearance. The disadvantage is poor drainage air permeability. Multi-purpose basin for pots, used to decorate indoor or exhibition flowers.

Glazed pots: pots painted in various colors on the glaze, beautiful appearance, various forms. Polished inside and outside the glazed pots breathe poor, equivalent to a layer of glass inside and outside. There is also a pottery pot which is glazed only on the outer wall, which is more suitable for long-term display and planting due to the fact that the inner wall has no enamel and keeps the nature of the pottery, and has the appearance aesthetics and inner hydrophobic and breathable properties. Foshan Shiwan Shiwan pots made for the boutique, elegant and beautiful and practical.

Water basin: There is no water hole in the bottom of the basin, so it is used to cultivate hydroponics flowers such as narcissus.

Plastic basin: Lightweight materials, durable, rich colors, cheap, easy to use. But not breathable, impermeable, in more soilless cultivation. If used to flower, should pay attention to cultivate the physical properties of soil, so that it is loose and breathable to overcome the shortcomings of plastic pots. Plastic pots are most suitable for planting more water-resistant wet flowers, such as Umbrella grass, Monstera, calla, Guangdong Evergreen and so on. In the nursery stage, commonly used small soft plastic basin (nutrition bowl), easy to use.

Stone basin: natural stone, colorful, good selectivity, but heavier, should not be placed on the table. In the market Shanghai Yi Wei Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprises founded in 2000 to produce GRC decorative materials, GRC components, GRC products, sandstone components and other products. Quality of survival, reputation and development. Products are superior to industry standards in terms of quality, technology and variety. The production of Roman columns, window coverings, lines, floral ornaments, flower pots, sculptures and other exported to domestic and foreign and has been recognized by the professional production of GRC products, alkali-based glass fiber and low alkali cement and other materials refined processing Lightweight products. It is characterized by high strength, high toughness, long life, modeling plasticity, production and installation is simple. Components made with GRC are full of European style. Chic pavilion, generous stretch of the gallery, antique floor, sculpture of different shapes, exquisitely carved railings, flower beds to all kinds of buildings adds a noble, elegant. The GRC artifact itself is a language carrier, she conceived with the owners and designers to achieve the desired effect of a dream come true.