Decorative Flowers (flowers) Suitable For In What Position The House

- Mar 19, 2018-

The flowers are used to adorn life, because of its easy maintenance of decorative flowers, deep love of ordinary families, so where house fit to put flowers, do you know?

1. next to the TV.

One does not look at the side of the TV cabinet when it will be empty, and watching TV watching a few eyes when watching a few eyes.

2. the corner of the house.

The big one is the flower on the ground, suitable for the corner of the house.

Decorative flowers (flowers) suitable for in what position the house

3. windowsill.

Small and delicate potted plants are most suitable for window sills, but it is a good choice to replace them with real flowers.

4. on the top of the shoe cabinet.

On the entrance of the shoe need something to set off, let it flower.

Decorative flowers (flowers) suitable for in what position the house

5. tea table.

On the table, put some snacks, melon seeds, fruit, and unchangeable flowers, and watch TV on the side of the table. How pleasant it is.

6. the front room of the living room.

The entrance to the door is the bright color of the house, and no one will refuse it too much.

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