Artificial Plant Wall Case

- Nov 06, 2018-

Artificial plant wall case

Modern people's life, study, work and rest are inseparable from their environment, which affects people's psychology and physiology. Apart from the basic facilities and decorations, green planting is indispensable. It can make people enjoy nature after work and rest, and make people happy physically and mentally because of the beauty of nature. Its functions are:

1, improve the environment

2, create a warm atmosphere.

3, reconcile interior color

4, adjust the indoor pattern.

5, edify sentiment

6, express your mood.

The role of simulated green plants:

1, high use value. Simulated green plants have long-term ornamental value, strong plasticity and high creative space.

2, green environmental protection. Plastics, silk, polyester and other materials are the main materials for simulating plants. These materials are pollution-free and elastic, breaking through the limitations of real plants, making the overall effect more vivid, lively and lifelike.3, not affected by the environment. Real plants often suffer from withered branches and defoliated leaves due to insufficient light, poor ventilation or inadaptable temperature. And the simulation plant is not affected, the four seasons are bright, and the maintenance is simple. It is especially suitable for high requirements for interior decoration and no space for time to take care of.