What are the advantages of the plant wall?

- Jul 21, 2018-

1. plant wall -- a garden on a concrete wall

Plant walls enable people to build a more close to nature's living environment. Because of the soil constraints, the system is very light to support the plant growth, so it can be easily installed in any material and modeling wall, and does not destroy the original wall structure. With artificial light sources, plant walls can even be placed in enclosed spaces without natural light sources, such as underground parking lots.

2. plant wall - urban cleaning system

Plant walls have significant effects on improving air quality. Not only the leaves of plants, even the roots of plants and all the microorganisms that depend on plants have the effect of purifying the air; on the surface of the matrix, the particulate matter is separated from the air and slowly decomposed and mineralized, and eventually becomes the fertilizer of the plant. Therefore, on the surface of any building, plant walls are an effective tool to improve air quality, increase air moisture and reduce urban pollution.

3. plant wall -- the natural air conditioner of the building

Plant walls can block large amounts of photothermal radiation. In summer, the temperature inside the building can be reduced by 7 - 15 degrees. In winter, indoor temperature can be kept constant. In addition, the plant and matrix have strong absorption function to sound, and can consume a large amount of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and can also absorb such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, sulfur dioxide and other kinds of air pollutants, which effectively contain urban heat island effect.

As a vertical greening ecotype architectural decoration choice, the plant wall has been widely recognized in Europe because of its admiration for beauty, elegance, environmental protection, and both functional and practical.

Green plant walls should be vigorously promoted, so that more green walls can replace those of reinforced concrete and brick walls, which can make our city full of vigor and vitality.

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