type function of lighting fixtures

- Feb 20, 2018-

Lighting lamps are composed of light sources, lampshades and accessories.

Lighting lamps are divided into two types of decorative lamps and functional lamps according to function.

1, decorative lighting by decorative components and lighting combination of light sources, in addition to appropriate consideration of lighting efficiency and prevent glare, and other requirements, mainly in the form of aesthetic to meet the needs of architectural art.

2, the function of the lamp is: redistribution of luminous flux of light source, improve the efficiency of light utilization and avoid glare, create a suitable light environment. In damp, corrosive, explosive, flammable and other environmental use of special lamps, its lampshade also play a protective role of isolation.

Second, lighting according to the use of the site is divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting two types of lamps.

1, indoor lighting, usually according to total optical in the space of the upper hemisphere and the lower hemisphere distribution ratio classification. According to the International Lighting Committee, it is suggested that lighting lamps be divided into direct, semi direct, homogeneous diffusion, semi indirect and indirect five kinds. The following table is the light distribution and illumination characteristics of different types of lamps:

2, outdoor lighting lamps, mainly floodlight. Floodlight, also known as the projection of light, is the use of mirrors, transmission mirrors and grille to constrain the light in a small solid angle to become a strong light source, often used in large-scale building night lighting.