The history of artificial flowers

- Jan 28, 2018-

Open historical materials, Chinese folk to the application of simulation flowers is not unfamiliar. As early as in the Tang Dynasty Yang and its maids because in the winter season no flowers can be inserted, the first use of silk flower decoration hair and mind. At that time, the painter Zhou Yi painted the "Zanhua ladies" is a vivid portrayal. To modern, domestic simulation flower has been rapid development, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other land have a large number of products exported. March 2005 16 Beijing held an international tourism souvenir and handicraft trade fair, the country has 71 simulation beefy enterprises exhibiting. Its sales have planed the highest record of the year.

It is true that "the harmony of things and hearts, the boundary and the meaning". From ancient times to the present, the reason why all the mortals prefer the vivid flowers and trees, all because they are the natural life individual, emerges a kind of praying for the flower to have me, I have the thing of the flower in my Oneness realm. But the world still has "false to do true and false, do not have a place has not yet" related relations. We love flowers, but also for the development of artificial flowers this handicraft has provided a wide range of space, attracting more and more people to enjoy. This is just like the artificial rockery water will also outline the "Green hills faint water, autumn do not have the south of the grass" mood.

Today, the modern city of steel reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, people enjoy the natural space more and more narrow, people feel more depressing, depressed. In this noisy city people begin to seek the green decorations that are close to nature. The emergence of artificial flowers, no doubt for people to establish a link to the beautiful nature.