The characteristics of artificial flowers

- Jan 28, 2018-

1, colorful, stylish, dignified and elegant, save a long time, the four seasons, such as spring blooming in bloom;

2, the cost price is far below the flower, the market profit space is big;

3, a wide variety, will not be due to the season of alternating out of stock phenomenon;

4, to pollen allergy love flower personage, can rest assured boldly enjoy;

5, hand-lovers in getting leisure and entertainment at the same time, but also got a favorite gift and the enjoyment of the United States;

6, the work of gifts to friends, is a rare gift of individuality, and make their own full of the work of the sense of achievement.

As the flowers open more than 10 days and a half months, less than two days three day, the twinkling of an eye, can only become an instant memory, and maintain clean trouble. The appearance and application of artificial flower meet people's demand for ornamental time of flowers, so that the life of flower works can be prolonged.

Artificial flowers In addition to long-term maintenance, but also has the characteristics of strong plasticity, to the flower art designers more freedom of creation. Bending。 Folding, string, scissors and other kinds of flower production of the common role, for lifelike flower art works to provide a broad stage. Lifelike artificial flowers coupled with the diversity, richness, to bring us a passion, there are surprises, there is shock, there is eternal beauty.

Modern people yearning for nature, the pursuit of the art of life, the pursuit of comfort and contentment, artificial flowers in the quality of material has been greatly sophisticated, from the past pure hand to the present computer spectrum, printing tooling. The artificial nickname has the same name as The imitation flower body, and the stems, leaves and flowers made from polymeric resins are used after special bright surface treatment and fog surface treatment. In the use of flowers to paper flowers, hand-rolled flowers, silk flowers, forged with flowers, mainly wheat bag flowers. In the field of floral design, artificial flowers occupy a very important link, widely used in the commercial field.