The advantages of artificial flowers

- Jan 28, 2018-

The choice of artificial flowers to beautify the bedroom, has many advantages:

I. Plasticity, green environmental protection, artificial flower raw materials mainly include: plastic products, silk products, polyester products, but also the use of resin clay made of materials, in addition to metal rods, glass tube, blow molding paper, fiber, decorative paper, ribbons, these materials are no pollution or small pollution. Due to the flexibility of the material can be combined with a special height, shape model, and can protect evergreen, break through the real limit. Lifelike, vivid, and can be compared with the planting of flowers.

Two. Affected by the environment is small, now public places, most offices use air-conditioning, indoor light is often inadequate, so it is not an easy thing to plant plants in the interior, but artificial flowers can easily achieve this purpose artificial flowers and colors, can be long to keep bright Four seasons, such as the planting of flowers and plants will decay dry.

Three. Maintenance is simple, artificial flowers of the foliage is not moldy, not rot, do not need watering, do not breed mosquitoes and flies, artificial flowers and plants do not require artificial cultivation, can save water, pruning, insects and other trouble; artificial flowers do not have to carry out photosynthesis, but also no children to swallow the side effects of injury, which is very suitable for the family has children and couples working families;

Four. Most of the artificial flowers of the price is not high, and some are much lower than the true flower really grass, transport facilitation, easy to carry: in the need to change the design, the combination of the mix, can vary the atmosphere. Suitable for the public to beautify the environment, but also enduring.

Artificial flower production techniques are very delicate, exquisite, lifelike. For example, the thickness, hue and texture of rose petals are almost the same as those of real flowers. The blooming African chrysanthemum also sprinkled with drops of "dew". Some of the flowers on the tip of the blade climbed one or two worms. Also some woody begonia, using natural stump for the branches, with silk to make flowers, appear lifelike, charming.