Solar outdoor lighting

- Nov 23, 2017-

In practice, of course, solar outdoor lighting is a bit more complicated. In addition to high-capacity batteries and solar panels, the system includes state-of-the-art, dedicated monitors that stop charging when the solar-powered battery begins to charge and then recharges to provide more power. The key is the sun outdoor lighting, solar photovoltaic house installed solar panels, have a dedicated microprocessor control system and battery. It is connected to a specially designed load lamp equipped with a super-reflectivity and high-energy ballast. With high brightness, easy installation, reliable, not laying cables, do not consume conventional energy, long life and other advantages. The use of high-brightness LED light-emitting diode design, without manual operation, black light automatically lit, dawn automatically extinguished. Strong sense of fashion products, bright texture, fine, with a modern sense, mainly used in residential green belt, industrial park green belt, tourist attractions, parks, courtyards, square green spaces and other places of lighting decoration.