Solar cell industry will do a great job

- Nov 23, 2017-

In solar power systems, the most technically complex components should be solar cells. It can be said that solar cells are the core of solar power generation systems. Their development and production directly affect the popularization and development of solar power generation. The company is located in:

The main principle of a solar cell is to use a semiconductor material to place a thinner n-type semiconductor on a thicker p-type semiconductor. When photons strike the surface of the device, the junction of the p-type and n-type semiconductor is electronically diffused Current, the upper and lower ends of the metal conductor can be used to draw current utilization. The company is located in:

Solar cell types According to the different materials used, solar cells can be divided into: 1, silicon solar cells; 2, with inorganic salts such as gallium arsenide III-V compounds, cadmium sulfide, copper indium selenium and other compounds for the battery material; 3, functional polymer materials, solar cells; 4, nanocrystalline solar cells.