Potted plants choose the best material for the best flowerpot

- Jan 21, 2018-

Bonsai is divided into pottery basin, porcelain basin, natural stone pots, glazed pots, unglazed pots, copper pots and tubs, plastic pots etc..

From the view of ornamental and practical value, purple sand basin is the best choice, elegant and simple, strong air permeability, suitable for the planting of old piles. Purple sand basin is divided into Zhu Zisha, Zhu mud, purple clay, white clay, clay, qingni, old mud etc..

The porcelain basin is bright, but its permeability is poor, it can be used as the pot of the flower and fruit trees.

The stone material is suitable for the production of jungle, water and drought, miniature landscape.

The plastic flowerpot is bright and cheap. It is the best for bonsai to be ornamental. It can only be used in stages.

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