How to divide modern lamps with post-modern lamps?

- Feb 20, 2018-

According to the style is divided into: modern style and classical wind, now in the industry a new term called: Postmodern. It is a new style that evolves from modern style. There is a strong modern, but there is an essential difference with the previous modern.

According to the global region: the main Chinese style, European style (Nordic and Western Europe). Canadian style, Middle East style. The distinction between the various styles requires you to understand and feel yourself.

According to the types of lamps and lanterns are: chandeliers (all hanging and half hanging), floor lamps, ceiling lamp, lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lights and lamp which is the field of business. But also has a certain decorative and ornamental, this will be divided into lighting.

The scene is divided into indoor and outdoor two. The above mentioned for indoordecorative lighting. Outdoor such as street lamp, landscape lamp and so on.

According to the material: crystal, marble, glass, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, acrylic (plastic and plastic) This is only to say the material used by the main body. These materials are shared in the design process.