Foreign plant wall

- Jul 21, 2018-

In 1927, Australia ruled by law that plant walls must be built if walls were to be built. For more than 70 years, all kinds of Acacia, eucalyptus, corals, etc. made up of all kinds of plant walls have been made up of all kinds of Acacia trees, eucalyptus and corals if the wall is needed in Australia's organs, private residence and so on.

In Japan, people first make plant walls in special factories, then sell them to people who need plant walls. They put the net wall frame in a special kind of water and soon covered with bryophytes. As a result, these web frames become a new and unique ecological precast, which is the future plant wall.

In Brazil, when people build walls, they use hollow bricks. In this gap, soil and fertilizer should be put in advance. When the wall is built, people grow grass seed on it. As long as the climate is right, the grass grows out of it. As a result, the wall became a green wall. This plant wall not only has aesthetic value, but also reduces noise and air pollution.

In Tunisia, it is especially suitable for the growth of cactus. So, people need a row of cactus in the place where they need the wall. Soon, cactus grew densely packed, cascading, and became a green barrier. This kind of wall has a unique shape and beauty, and it can block sandstorms and improve the environment.

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