Flower lover, can not miss the Artificial flower

- Dec 12, 2018-

Nowadays more and more people pay attention to the decoration of the room. Artificial flower are indispensable decorations. Now the industrial technology has made the Artificial flower vivid, true and false are inseparable, even better than the real flowers. Its existence has greatly improved the color of the room. Artificial flower have some advantages over real flowers. They never fade and spring like spring. They don't need watering, they don't breed mosquitoes and flies. They don't need pollen and they don't need to worry about allergies. They are very suitable for flower-loving workers.

1. Tulip in Europe and the United States, tulip as a symbol of victory and beauty, not only in the main producer Netherlands as a national flower, but also in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and other countries. This tulip fake flower uses ceramics as vase, under which is Milanese, which is more ornamental. The whole is simple, smooth and delicate. Suitable for bedroom and living room.


2. Chrysanthemum is an ornamental plant with bright color, diverse flower types, abundant flowering and long flowering period, which is highly valued by horticultural circles at home and abroad. This Cuiju false flower uses plastic square mouth basket as flower basket, pure white with colorful flowers, so that the room is full of warmth, suitable for the dining table.

3. Sunflower sunflower, yearning for bright flowers, brings people a beautiful flower of hope, it is a treasure all over its body, selflessly dedicated to mankind. This sunflower is made of hand-made iron vase. The artisan's wisdom is matched with the sunflower full of hope, which makes the room full of sunshine and hope. Suitable for desk or living room.

Sunflower sunflower