Enjoy life - artificial flowers are your best choice

- Dec 04, 2018-

Characteristic value

1. Beautiful colors, chic shapes, elegant, long-term preservation, spring blooming all the year round;

2. Cost price is far lower than flowers, and market profit margin is large.

3. There are many varieties and there will be no shortage due to the alternation of seasons.

4. Flowers who are allergic to pollen can enjoy it boldly.

5. Handicraft enthusiasts get not only leisure and entertainment, but also a favorite gift and beautiful enjoyment.

6. Giving gifts to friends is a rare personality gift, and fills oneself with a sense of achievement.

Enjoy life - artificial flowers are your best choice

Green environmental protection

Artificial flower materials mainly include plastic products, silk products, polyester products, and materials made from resin and clay. In addition, metal rods, glass tubes, blow-moulded paper, fibre silk, decorative paper and ribbons are also used. These materials are pollution-free or little pollution. Because of the elasticity of the material, it can match with the special high.

The model of degree and shape can keep evergreen and break through the limitation of genuine products. The image is vivid and lively, which is completely comparable to the flowers and plants planted.

Enjoy life - artificial flowers are your best choice

Little affected by environment

Most public places and offices use air conditioning, indoor light is often inadequate, so it is not easy to plant a good plant indoors, but artificial flowers can easily achieve this purpose of artificial flowers and plants color, can maintain bright four seasons for a long time, will not decay and wither like planted flowers and plants.

Enjoy life - artificial flowers are your best choice

Simple maintenance

Artificial flowers are not moldy, rotten, need not water, do not breed mosquitoes and flies; artificial flowers and plants do not need artificial cultivation, can save the trouble of watering, pruning, smelting insects; artificial flowers do not need photosynthesis, and there are no side effects of children eating injuries, which is very suitable for home with children, elderly people and husband and wife working. Court.

Enjoy life - artificial flowers are your best choice

Convenient transportation

Some simulation flowers are much lower than genuine flowers and grasses, convenient transportation and easy handling: when changing the design, re-combination and collocation can change the different atmosphere. It is suitable for the public family to beautify the environment and lasts for a long time.

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