Considerations for Bonsai Basins

- Jan 21, 2018-

color to coordinate

The color of the basin and the scene should be contrasted and coordinated. Under normal circumstances, the basin should choose the elegant point, can reflect the role of foil, to prevent the flower pot. Landscape Bonsai will use a white flowerpot, not the same as the color of the stone. Tree Bonsai According to the backbone of the selection of a deeper, flower fruit category with color glazed basin, cypress bonsai with purple sand basin.

Style to match

The shape of the basin to coordinate with the overall shape, tree bonsai posture twists and turns, basin contour to the main curve, such as round, oval, tree bonsai more straight, basin lines to outspoken, such as Diamond, four square.

Landscape bonsai generally adopt rectangular, can narrow a little. Rock Bonsai, choose Wide basin, lofty Mountain View choose narrow Shallow basin.

The depth should be appropriate

Bonsai trees with a basin too deep, will make the trees in the basin is too small, but the trunk stout trees with pots too shallow, poor growth of trees, difficult to plant.

Size should be wide

The large size of the basin should be adapted to the landscape. Too big too small, with pots too large, too much water, the bonsai is too wide, resulting in plant acts long; with pots too small, bonsai looks top-heavy, lack of stability.