Classification of modern lamps and lanterns

- Feb 20, 2018-

Home lighting from the birth of electricity appeared the earliest incandescent bulb, later developed to fluorescent tubes, and then to the later energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, halogen lamps, gas discharge lamps and LED special materials lighting, and so on, all the lighting lamps are still in the development of these light sources, such as from the lamp seat to fluorescent stent to the current lighting, such as various types of crafts.

Commercial lighting Fixtures

Commercial lighting light source is also based on the development of incandescent lamps, such as halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, lamps and lanterns are mainly concentrated and pan-optical two kinds, signs, advertising, special window and background lighting are constantly in accordance with the development needs of the emergence.

Industrial lighting Fixtures

The light source of the industrial illumination lamp is the gas discharge lamp, the fluorescent lamp mainly, combined with other lamps and lanterns, such as waterproof, explosion-proof, dustproof and other requirements to customize, but industrial lighting needs to be cautious, especially in the selection of light sources and lamps have to pay attention to, such as the color of clothing production, fabric texture in different light source produces the effect is not the same , the choice of lamps mainly consider reflective, illuminance, maintenance factors, and most of the domestic enterprises still do not pay much attention to, only in some foreign-funded companies may make a comparison.

Road Lighting and landscape lighting

Road lighting and landscape lighting selection is completely different, do not think that just lighting on it, road lighting can not blindly pursue aesthetic and ignore the safety of illumination and fog, and landscape lighting and light selection to fully consider energy-saving and beautiful, because landscape lighting does not need so high illuminance, Just create a lighting feature.