Ceramic vase production process

- Nov 23, 2017-

Process requirements

After the decal ceramic vase is finished, the surface is painted, then the decal is applied, and the varnish is finally sprayed to protect the flower so that it is not easy to fall. Products used to make ceramic is the use of white clay, shiny ceramic is white embryo, and then glazed, spray paint, the whole process needs to be roasted twice. The surface of the ceramic vase matte matte paint, some spray half-gloss paint.

Kiln temperature requirements

High-temperature ceramic vase is fired pottery, the temperature reached 800 degrees above, there is a certain hardness, crisp sound. High-temperature ceramic vase above the pattern is hand-hooked before glazing, the color is filled. The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramic vase and medium and low temperature ceramic vase is the water absorption. The water absorption of the high temperature ceramic vase is less than 0.2%. The product is easy to clean and does not absorb the odor, and will not cause glazed cracks and local water leakage. Medium and low temperature ceramic vase water absorption is much higher than this standard.

Kiln temperature below 1200 degrees, are low temperature, 1200 degrees, are in the temperature, 1300 degrees to 1350 degrees, are high temperature. The majority of mid-temperature vases on the market.