Automatic Irrigation Pots

- Nov 23, 2017-

Automatic Irrigation Pots Features Description:

Automatic irrigation: pouring water for up to 12 weeks of water and nutrients, allowing your plant to grow in the best environment and care is simple.

Sterility: The soilless culture technology, to avoid the propagation of soil parasites, so that your indoor and outdoor remain absolutely clean.

Ruggedness: Because its material is injection molded, it will not break even if it is accidentally poured on the ground.

Easy to handle: the quality of the pot itself is light, coupled with a wheel device, you can move indoors and outdoors.

UV resistant: Thanks to its high-quality ceramic and metallic finish, the flowerpot does not deform and discolor even under intense sunlight.

Frost resistance: pots can withstand any harsh climate.

Environmentally-friendly: Le Zhuang pots mineral soil imported from Germany, the original package, you can repeatedly use, saving, but also environmentally friendly.

High-quality products: music plant 沯 Germany imported flower pots, German technology, made in Germany, is a high-quality assurance.