Artificial flowers development and market

- Nov 23, 2017-

Artificial flowers, also known as silk flowers, silk flowers, artificial flowers not only long-lasting fresh and vivid vivid appearance, different forms of modeling, with a very long viewing period and more rich modeling techniques Simulation of flower shape Free, diverse, , Folding, folding, winding, winding, winding, binding, sticking and other techniques; artificial flowers are widely used materials, yarn, linen, wool, wood, polyester, non-woven, paper, Raw materials.

In recent years, artificial flowers with its colorful, easy to maintain, long service life and other characteristics quickly attack the domestic market, continue to expand market share. According to statistics, annual production and sales of artificial flowers in China are increasing by about 35% each year. Otherwise, according to a rough estimate, China's current annual sales of artificial flowers in about 15 billion yuan! Become a well-deserved wealth king!