Are the flowers in the vases changing water every day?

- Aug 19, 2018-

There is no need to change the water every day.

Change water every 1-2 days in spring and summer, and change water every 2~3 days in autumn and winter (to prevent bottle water from deteriorating, put a small amount of preservatives such as salt). When changing the water, remove the residual flowers and leaves, properly cut the flower branches, replace the incisions, and spray water on the flowers.

A small amount of white sugar can be added to make the flowers more energetic (the sugar can be added a little less, but definitely not excessive).

Maintenance method after inserting the vase:

1, water quality cleaning

Use clean water when arranging flowers. If you use tap water, you should leave it for a day and night before using it.

2, moderate water volume

The water depth should be above the incision, and the water surface should have the largest contact surface with the air. The water depth of the tray type container should be soaked in the height of the flower cutting incision to ensure that the flower branch incision can absorb water in time; the water depth of the bottle container should be at the widest part of the bottle body, because the water surface and the air contact surface are the largest. Conducive to the smooth movement of the flower branches, reducing bacterial infections.

3, placed reasonably

In the summer, avoid strong direct sunlight. In winter, it should be farther away from the heating. Otherwise, it will accelerate the respiration of the flower branches and the evaporation of water, which will easily cause the flowers to wither. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the bottle of flowers can not be placed near the mature fruit, because the fruit will release ethylene, it will also cause flowers to thank.