1.Do all your products display on your website?

-No, just parts of products. Our designers will make new patterns every season. 

2.Do your products sale to end customers directly?

-Our products only sale to trading company, end customer will buy from stores. Trading company means wholesaler, exporters, big retailers.

3.Which country or region do your products export to?

- Our products are exported all over the world.

4.How about your delivery time?

- At 10-30days. It depends on the current production schedule. If we have the goods in our warehouse, we can deliver the goods in a very quick time.

5. What kind of currency do you accept?

- Usually the Dollar, the Renminbi.

6.Do you charge the sample fee and express fee? And what?

- As a famous leading supplier, dozens of samples are needed a day, which is not a small cost. So our company stipulates that we can provide the sample, but we need to charge the sample fee and express the cost. This charge can be refunded at the time of order for mass production.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time!